Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Do you give the horse its strength or clothe its neck with a glowing mane?    Do you make it leap like a locust ?  Job 39:19-20  NIV
Job is the book of loss and redemption.  How easily I feel loss and forget about the redemption. Job has the ultimate tale of loss; he loses his wealth, his children, his health and his wife tells him he should just give up and die.  Job has some chapters of complaining to God about his losses and wants to know why he has experienced them.  God doesn’t answer the why but he gives Job a reminder of the wonders of the world that he created.  I like the “leap like a locust part” – reminds me of several horses that I’ve known. I love to see a horse running – who doesn’t? They are so wonderful to watch. The language in Job is poetic and rich, and not only reminds me of the beauty and diversity in nature but also the majesty of the creator. 
God shares my love of horses (he made them!) and I thank him for making such fabulous animals and allowing me to have them in my life.

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